Policies and standards for access or use of the library and/or its resources have been established by the library's Board of Trustees, appointed by the town manager. The Trustees usually meet on the 2nd Thursday of every month. The meetings are open to the public; call ahead to check on the time or change in schedule.

Current Trustees 

  • Lyle Pirnie, Chair
  • Ruth Sullivan, Vice Chair
  • Alice Vardner, Secretary
  • David J. Volkin 
  • Wendy Hrubec
  • Nancy Flynn
  • Frank Rodrigues


Chapter 78: Section 7. Public libraries; establishment by cities and towns; records.

Section 7. A town may establish and maintain public libraries for its inhabitants under regulations prescribed by the city council or by the town, and may receive, hold and manage any gift, bequest or devise therefore. The city council of a city or the selectmen of a town may place in such library the books, reports and laws which may be received from the commonwealth. That part of the records of a public library which reveals the identity and intellectual pursuits of a person using such library shall not be a public record as defined by clause Twenty-sixth of section seven of chapter four.

Library authorities may disclose or exchange information relating to library users for the purposes of inter-library cooperation and coordination, including but not limited to, the purposes of facilitating the sharing of resources among library jurisdictions as authorized by clause (1) of section nineteen E or enforcing the provisions of sections ninety-nine and one hundred of chapter two hundred and sixty-six. (Amended by 1988, 180, Sec.2.)

Other relevant information about the laws regarding public libraries may be found at the Massachusetts Library Board of Commissioners web page.