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Mass Webfile

Many taxpayers can now e-file their Massachusetts income tax returns directly with the Department of Revenue – using the Department’s free WebFile program.
Mass. Free e-File is free, convenient and completely secure – and you can file from the comfort of your own home. In addition:
    * all calculations are done for you – no math mistakes with Webfile
    * refunds and payments can be tracked
    * you can start your return, save it and finish later
    * Once you register, Webfile saves your account information – saving you time in future years
Plus, unlike the disbanded Telefile program, you don’t have to listen to telephone recordings or call back if you make a mistake.

Before you begin your Massachusetts Personal Income Tax Return, you must determine whether you are eligible to file your return using WebFile for Income by answering the questions below.
If you answer YES to ANY of the following questions, you are NOT ELIGIBLE to file your return using WebFile for Income.
Were you a resident anywhere other than Massachusetts in current year?  
Do you have self employment income/loss as reported on Schedule C Profit or loss from Business or Profession?
Do you have income/loss as reported on Schedule E to report: Rental, Royalty, income/losses from Partnerships and S Corporations and income from Trusts ?
Do you need to exclude any amounts other than Massachusetts bank interest from your interest and dividends income as reported on Schedule B?
Do you have capital gains/losses as reported on Schedule B OR Schedule D Long-term Capital Gains and losses?
Are you eligible for the Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit?
Are you eligible for any credits on Schedule Z Credits other than Earned Income Credit and Limited Income Credit?
Was there any time during the current year that you (and/or your spouse if married filing joint) were not covered under a health insurance?