Beyond the Events

Here are some resources you might be interested in after some of our events.
New: Shallow Graves by Maureen Boyle
1) Lynne Heizmann's talk on her research for Frozen Voices.

2) Paul Clerici's talk on Boston Marathon History by the Mile.

3) Visit Greg Maichack's page for more about his pastel workshops.

4) Here are some articles related to the Sustainable Diet Workshop:

  1. The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

  2. Making the World Safe From Superbugs

  3. Greener Choices Website

  4. The Cost of Organic Food

  5. Risk Guide for Conventional Produce

5)  Ted Reinstein did his program Wicked Pissed at our library and at Attleboro Library

6) Can’t Get Enough of Dr. Gary Hylander?

He often suggests books to read in support of his programs. Here is a list which I will keep updating.
Here are some of the Youtube Videos of his talks:



4) Liisa Budge-Johnson recommended the following videos about the elephants:

5) Frank Mandosa did a wonderful presentation on Hollywood Directors and Their Muses, Here is the list of movies and resources.

6) Richard Elliott, a local author who attended our Local Author Day, is interviewed on Ian Kahonowitz's podcast.

7) Remember Chuck Veit's talk on the Civil War Rocket Torpedo? He has finished his book (Sea Miner: Major E. B. Hunt's Civil War Rocket Torpedo) and did a lecture at the Naval War College.
  • 8 Bells Lecture: Chuck Veit -- the U.S. Navy's Secret Torpedo Program of 1862