NAHS 2020 Summer Reading

NAHS 2020 Summer Reading Program:

“The Diverse American Experience”


Directions: Please read the appropriate section below to review the summer reading expectations for your English class.  


Freshman English, Sophomore English, Junior Honors English and all Junior/Senior Electives:


The primary goal of our school-wide summer reading program is to provide students with important background information about the varied experiences of Americans from different races and ethnicities as a means to help students understand the current social unrest in America.  Our second goal is to enable students to participate in school-wide discussions aimed at making our school and our community more informed and understanding places for our diverse population. 


To achieve these goals, explore the Summer Reading Padlet Choice Board that includes hyperlinks to works of varying lengths and difficulties in the following categories:  fiction, nonfiction, audio/visual and poetry.  


After exploring the Padlet:


  • Select one work from each category to study.

    • Note: students enrolling in an honors-level English class next year must select either a long work of fiction or a long work of nonfiction (designated by an *)



  • Be prepared to submit these assignments to your English teacher(s) in September.          

    • Note: Juniors and seniors who will be taking both English electives during the spring 2021 semester should complete their required summer reading exercises and submit them to English Department CIL Mr. Johnson, Office 2D (across from Rm. 217),  by the end of the first week of school in September 2020.


  • Feel free to continue exploring the additional resources on the Diverse American Experience Padlet!

Junior Advanced Placement and Senior Advanced Placement English:


    The goals of the Junior AP and Senior AP summer reading programs are more content specific.  Therefore, their summer reading requirements are more intensive than the school-wide requirements. Click hereto access the Junior AP reading expectations; clickhere to access the Senior AP reading expectations. 

How To Access Materials:


Please note that the selections on the Junior AP and Senior AP reading lists are not all hyperlinks; however, many of these books and other great books are available at our local public libraries (when they reopen), or as a free eBook download.  We encourage all students to utilize the following resources: 

  • Boston Public Library’s digital resources (Click hereto watch an instructional video on how to obtain a BPL eCard.)

  • the Libby App (Click here to watch an instructional video on how to access books using the Libby App.)

  • RB Digital App

  • the Kindle App

In addition, most titles are available for download on Kindles, and some are available in audio formats.  Also, when they are allowed to open, An Unlikely Story in Plainville and Barnes & Noble Books in East Walpole carry most of these titles, as does  Happy reading, watching and listening!